Mirror Booth Rental

Making use of a mirror booth for a wedding! Personalized  photos for anyone.  Let us help you make the memories of your special day last a lifetime

Outdoor Booth Rental

Having an outdoor event? Worry not! We will set up a pop up tent to cover for the weather.

Be creative go ahead and Imagine That!

Let your imagination and spirt free.

Take a hat and Cane.

Become a shark, put on some dark sunglasses

Wave around some Cash.

Just Imagine That!

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Photos and Memories

My name is Joe and I believe that the wedding is a very special day that should be shared with everyone. Giving people at the event the opportunity to capture the moment and express themselves is a great way to make the event unique. With a multitude of props and backdrops, anyone can make the perfect photo strip for the couple or to take home.


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